‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Andy the informant; is Amanda in trouble?

The latest -Just in case you had very little doubt that Helen is an excellent “Big Brother” player, which makes her such a target in turn to go home, we had some more evidence of it take place last night. Basically, she managed to use her powers of persuasion to such a great length that it almost looked like at one point that there could be a plan to backdoor Amanda put in motion. To be fair, Amanda also probably was a big reason for this, thanks in part to her completely insane decision to re-hash everything that happened with Aaryn and the wine controversy from the first week of the game last night.

However, we still think that Spencer is going up as the replacement nominee tomorrow, but this incident has further convinced most of the other members in the house once again that Aaryn / GinaMarie are as dangerous of a pair as Amanda / McCrae, at least in that they have way more Head of Household wins and won’t vote to send each other out of the game.

On a different note, Andy decided to be the snitch last night and to go ahead and tell Helen that the plan all along this week was to get her out of the game. She took it as expected, but she’s not lying down and allowing herself to meet a swift death from the game. She’s going to keep fighting, which is exactly what you would expect for her to do. Her major selling point is that she will help get out Amanda this week, but let’s put it this way: Are you really going to save one pair to get rid of the other, and look like a traitor? Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

The Veto Ceremony is today, so we’ll have some more news soon about if Aaryn is really going to put up Spencer or not. If you want to read some more news from the “Big Brother” live feed, we suggest that you just head on over to the link here.

Photo: CBS

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