‘Breaking Bad’ season 5, episode 10 review: Skyler protects Walt

Ready? -After last week’s episode of “Breaking Bad” season 5 where we saw the big confrontation between Hank and Walt we knew that there would be more confrontations coming, we just didn’t realize they’d be so soon.

Hank makes good on his threat to try and take Skyler and the kids away from Walt, but with Skyler being so deep into the “business” with Walt she can’t do the things that Hank asks of her. He wants her to give him any information she has on Walt (on the record), not consult with a lawyer, and bring the kids over to his and Marie’s house for protection. Skyler quickly feels the pressure of the situation and walks away from Hank.

Walt is trying to do as much damage control as he can and goes to Saul for help. Saul sends guys over to Walt’s storage locker to get his money and they try to find Jesse who’s become a loose canon. He tells Walt that Skyler really only knows about the money so once that’s taken care of then the only loose end is Hank. When Saul suggests killing Hank, but Walt stands by his motto of family first and says that no one is touching Hank. Saul’s guys show up with a van full of Walt’s cash and he drives it out to the dessert to bury it. Walt two seasons ago would’ve easily done this job alone, but it was difficult to believe that a man that is as sick as Walt is with cancer and chemo treatments can dig a hole alone and bury 6 large barrels in the hot desert sun.

As Skyler tries to get a hold of Walt or Saul, Marie shows up and tries to get the truth out of her about Walt. Although Skyler says nothing as Marie asks questions, she realizes just how long Skyler has known about Walt’s activities. When she finds out Skyler knew about Walt when Hank got shot, it sends her over the edge and she slaps Skyler in the face. Marie storms out of the room, and tries to take Skyler’s daughter to bring under her and Hank’s protection. After an intense battle over the baby, Hank enters Skyler’s house and forces Marie to give the baby back. Marie wants Hank to talk to the guys at the station about what he knows to get help, but he wants to tell them when he has solid proof. When he goes back to work he finds out that Jesse has been brought in after being found with a bag full of cash and he realizes that Skyler isn’t the only person he has that can rat on Walt.

After burying the cash, Walt comes home and passes out on the floor. When he awakes, Skyler tells him that she didn’t tell Hank anything, but she knows his cancer is back. Walt tells her that he will turn himself in as long as she promises him that she will keep the money and pass it down to their children (where is Walter Jr. anyway? Does this kid not live at home anymore?) She tells Walt that their best move is to just stay quiet since she knows Hank has suspicions, but not enough to actually take Walt down.

Do you think that Jesse is going to rat on Walt to Hank? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think is going to happen next on “Breaking Bad”. Speaking of next week’s episode, if you just can’t wait and want to see a preview, you can do so here.

Photo: AMC

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