‘Low Winter Sun’ episode 2 preview: Is the story still heading in the right direction?

The next move -When we first watched “Low Winter Sun” last week, we thought it was a strong, gritty police drama that provided an unabashed take on the world of Detroit, and how even the police sometimes do not often carry with them some of the best motives out there.

In watching the second episode, the great news is that it really feels that the series is going in the right direction. When it comes to aesthetic, atmosphere, and great performances (particularly by Lennie James), this is a show that is continuing to deliver for the time being. This episode brought us deeper into the investigation, and it ended in what was an incredible showdown where Frank desperately tried to get information on the departure of a very key witness across the border. Then, he let the place burn.

If there is still a flaw with this series, it is just that AMC is probably not going to get the next “Breaking Bad” out of this. (But then again, can anyone really expect to?) It is in some ways reminiscent of another police show in “The Killing” in that there is not going to be a widespread audience beyond fans for dark, intense dramas. There’s not a Walter White or Don Draper-like character, even if there are memorable moments that included the aforementioned confrontation with Frank at the end of the hour. The scene at the end with the gasoline? It was almost iconic, and a great symbol of just what Frank is really capable of.

This is still at the end of the day a show with potential; it’s not completely there yet, but it’s still better than the vast majority of drivel that is put out as original TV programming these days.

What did you think about this “Low Winter Sun” episode: Was it an improvement over the first in your mind, or a step back? If you want to see some more news, previews, and reviews related to the show, just be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: AMC

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