‘Breaking Bad’ season 5, episode 11 preview: ‘He’s not getting off that easy’

What's next -This is the sad truth about the final season for “Breaking Bad”: We are already in a situation now where there is only six episodes left in the entire season. That’s a crazy-small number compared to what we’re used to on American TV.

Unfortunately, the first preview for the episode that aired during “Low Winter Sun” on Sunday night did not exactly reveal much. We had the voice of an emotional Saul, saying that he would have never done anything had he known what Walt was going to do. Meanwhile, we also has a few brief moments of Skyler, a very determined Hank, and also a line that certainly suggests some dark things on the horizon: “He’s not getting off that easy.”

This episode is entitled “Confessions,” and if you are looking for a great deal of details, the official synopsis courtesy of AMC is really not going to be giving you very much:

“Jesse decides to make a change, while Walt and Skyler try to deal with an unexpected demand.”

It’s pure “Breaking Bad” tradition to not give you very much to go, but this promo promises that like with episode 2, the intensity is only going to continue to build. There are no plans to really slow things down at all, and to be honest, there is really no reason why we would want it to. The major question we have right now is just who is going to end up being the one to surprise us the most this coming episode. Is it going to be Marie, or someone else that we never saw coming?

Photo: AMC

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