‘True Blood’ season 7 spoilers: Expect deaths, reunions, and a return to basics

True Blood -What do we think is going to take place on “True Blood” season 7 right now? Given that the finale has not even aired just yet, this is a lofty question to try and figure out some sort of answer to.

We’ll have more concrete scoop on the next season soon, but for now, what we want to present to you is pretty simple: A list of the things that you can probably expect to see unfold when HBO picks the show back up next summer. Some of this is based on what the cast and crew have stated about the road ahead; meanwhile, the rest is based more on assumptions, and everything that we have come to know about this show over the past several years.

1. A back-to-basics approach – Don’t expect the show to throw together a bunch of complicated mythology at you, or to introduce new concepts that are so dense you need an instruction manual. Things got too complicated early on this year, which may actually explain the drop in ratings compared to 2012.

2. More cast reunions – It’s less likely that Alcide and Sam will be on an island for most of the year. Fans enjoyed the pairings and the dynamics that these actors had with each other, and not what they had apart.

3. More guest stars – Don’t necessarily expect a billion of them, but this is “True Blood.” There will be new faces.

4. Some sort of indication that the end could be coming – While it’s not confirmed that season 7 is the end for the show, we imagine that there are probably at most two seasons left. It’s really time to start winding down the world of Bon Temps, so expect to see some progression towards an endgame soon.

5. More deaths – As with the guest stars, this is “True Blood.” People are going to die.

What do you want to see take place during “True Blood” season 7? As always, share your thoughts below! We’ll have our review for the finale and some other news on the next season posted at the link here soon, so be sure to bookmark it or refresh the page following the episode airing.

Photo: HBO

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