‘NCIS’ season 11 debate: Will Cote de Pablo’s exit impact ratings?

The latest -As a TV ratings junkie, it is always interesting to see the impact that change can have on a series … though more often than not, many have determined that change is not necessarily good. Just look at the sentiment of “Happy Days” fans following the exit of Ron Howard, or “That 70’s Show” for the season that it had largely without both Ashton Kutcher and Topher Grace.

Now, the latest question comes to us via “NCIS” and Cote de Pablo. There’s little questioning that Ziva David is popular, and some of the passionate fans on Twitter have made this very apparent time and time again just how much they miss the character already, but is this¬†really¬†going to make a major impact in the show’s ratings this coming year? There are a few interesting factors to consider here.

Twitter and ratings do not go hand in hand – “Pretty Little Liars” is among the most-social shows on TV, but it only gets a small fraction of the ratings “NCIS” does. Meanwhile, the Teen Choice Awards tanked this year, and that was after trending for most of the summer. There’s a difference between talking about things and watching, so don’t assume that Twitter reaction to Cote’s exit means anything.

Expect big ratings for the first two episodes – As sad as it may be that Cote is leaving, the storm surrounding her exit may actually be a good thing for CBS. The first two episodes, starting with the September 24 premiere, will be all about her exit, and this could lead to a surge in viewers. When you consider that ABC has a serious threat airing at the same time in “Agents of SHIELD,” they need to make sure that they retain a large audience.

“NCIS” was there first – Remember here that Cote did not exactly start off the show with the rest of the cast. She came in after the fact; if you liked the series before, odds are that you are going to like it again. As liked as she may be, there is no reason to lack confidence in Gary Glasberg and his team to keep things going strong. They created every character on this show (including Ziva), and 20 million viewers on a weekly basis cannot be wrong.

Do you think that losing Ziva will help or hurt the “NCIS” ratings? Be sure to vote in our poll below! Also, click here if you want to read more about the successor to Cote’s character, and what impact they could have on the show.

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