‘The Newsroom’ season 2, episode 6 preview: Jim challenges Operation Genoa

Moving on -It looks like the return of Jim Harper to “News Night” is going to create some pretty interesting situations, and it is not going to take long at all before we get an opportunity to see some of them play out.

In the latest sneak peek that we have below for Sunday night’s new episode of “The Newsroom” season 2, you can see a conversation that is had between some people who clearly have a great deal of stake in figuring out whether or not Operation Genoa is real: Jerry Dantana, Mackenzie McHale, and most of the rest of the team sans Will McAvoy. They are giving a briefing of virtually everything that they know about Genoa, but there are specific parts of it that Jim does not believe. This leads to a debate on what is seen vs. heard, and also a bizarre discussion about reindeer for whatever reason.

It’s easy to give Jerry a ton of flack here for following a story that we believe to be a wild-goose chase, but at the same time, he is just doing what he thinks is right. If everyone only reported news that they saw personally, we really would not be anywhere as a society. He has sources he trusts giving him information that he believes to be good, so of course he is going to continue to pursue that.

What we are the most sad about right now is that by the end of this episode, there are only three episodes left to watch the Genoa story completely fall apart, and make ACN look like complete chumps in the process. Things are looking great for Jerry, and at least Jim can say that he did the right thing in speaking out.

We’ve got another sneak peek for tonight’s episode at this link, and we will be back overnight with a full review. As Will himself would say during a broadcast, stay tuned.

Photo: HBO

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