‘True Blood’ season 6 finale: Worries for Alexander Skarsgard, Stephen Moyer, and others

A surprise -Tonight marks the end of “True Blood’s” sixth season, and this has been a year that has ultimately fluttered all over the place. There has been a vampire camp, Sam falling for Nicole mere days after watching Luna die, and Sookie finding the vampire in Warlow responsible for killing her parents, and ultimately feeling something rather unexpected for him in return.

But going into tonight’s finale, there is really just one thing that you can expect for sure: Death. There have been multiple deaths hinted at over the past week, and the purpose of this article in particular is rather to try and figure out just who is going to be leaving Bon Temps by way of death. Sure, there are other possibilities out there, but these are the five that we’re the most worried about.

Eric Northman – Alexander Skarsgard is an in-demand movie actor right now, and Eric has gone completely off the rails. The one thing that could save him is that we’re not sure that the character is going to be around in the finale.

Bill Compton – Meanwhile, Stephen Moyer’s character is just on the verge of the true death as it is following what happened with Lilith last week on the show. We imagine that he will be saved somehow, but just via circumstance he has to be included here.

Warlow – Easily, the most obvious choice for someone to die. Getting rid of him hits the reset button for Sookie, she no longer has to be a bride, and she finds herself in a position that she was last in at the start of season 5 before much of this latest round of craziness began.

Jessica – We’re only slightly worried for her given that Sheriff Andy could want revenge for her killing his children, but Deborah Ann Woll is such a beloved part of this cast that we find the possibility unlikely.

Sarah Newlin – Jason let her live last week, but if she is crazy enough to actually come back to Bon Temps and stir something up again, we could foresee some terrible things happening to her. Anna Camp’s character gravitates towards power, so we doubt she is done with this world yet.

If you want to take a look at some more sneak peeks for tonight’s finale, just be sure to click here. We’ll also have a full review and look at season 7 up a little bit later in the day.

Photo: HBO

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