‘The Bridge’ episode 6 review: Diane Kruger, FX rise to the next level … mostly

The Bridge -Six episodes into “The Bridge,” we continue to remain convinced that this is the strongest new series of the summer. Is it perfect? No, especially given that we still have no idea why Charlotte is such a large presence on the show, given that the character is still by some estimations rather frustrating and annoying.

But whether her presence slightly reduced this week save for the new man in her life, this episode left us with a genuine sense of excitement and mystery. We’re haunted by that closing image of Sonya comforting the same man that was once responsible for doing unspeakable things to her family, and watching him (damaged permanent by a gunshot would) draw a face with a very familiar set of eyes to the killer at the center of this case. We cannot tell if this is just coincidental, or some sort sensationalist move that the two cases are connected. Either way, it is still a twist that we’re willing to suspend belief on just enough to be excited about it. Some of the killer’s motives are starting to become cleaner, with him acting as an activist by killing to make a point.

The only killing that was done without such a point attached? The young girl this week that Sonya and Hank let escape. This was strictly a case of her knowing too much, but it proves this killer does not operate with some sort of deliberate Dexter Morgan-like code. We want to just pretend that the bathroom escape didn’t happen, given that it was the worse part of the episode and a complete “go figure” move that experienced cops should know better about.

But the other stories? Largely fantastic, whether it be the deep exploration into Sonya’s past, finding out more about Marco’s complicated sense of morality, and just how much of a guardian angel Hank really has been to Sonya. The pieces to this puzzle are slowly starting to come together, and the top suspect at the moment has to be someone¬†with a shrewd eye, and also a connection to police. Marco, Hank, and Sonya are the only living people we’re currently ruling out.

We also have to give Diane Kruger some points here for some fantastic reactions in this episode. We honestly weren’t that familiar with some of her film work prior to her signing on to this series, and despite some initial unease, she is proving herself to be worthy of top billing and then some.

What do you think about the direction of “The Bridge” so far? If you want to read some more news related to the series, including past reviews, just be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: FX

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