‘The Walking Dead’: Details on a Andrew Lincoln – Sarah Wayne Callies deleted scene

Andrew Lincoln -After watching the newest deleted scene from “The Walking Dead” season 3, it’s pretty easy to feel sorry for Sarah Wayne Callies. Basically, she had to spend a lengthy amount of time getting into zombie makeup to shoot a scene for the tenth episode entitled “Home,” and it was all for entirely no real reason at all.

However, we do get a chance to take a look at the fruits of her labor now! If you head over to Entertainment Weekly, you can checkout a deleted scene that shows us a moment that Andrew Lincoln’s Rick had with Lori in a hallucination outside the prison, where she was wearing a white dress and it appeared as though she hadn’t a care in the world that there was a zombie infestation rampant.

But in this deleted version … Lori is a zombie herself. Right when Rick starts to pull away from her following their embrace, you get to see a zombified version of the character the likes of which you never saw on the show itself. It’s pretty startling, and this is for a show that makes it a habit out of being just that.

In the end, we do think that AMC made the right move in keeping the version of the clip that they did. The version featuring Lori as a zombie may be frightening, but in a show that really relies so much on walkers as it is, we find it touching instead that there was a nice, human moment (even if it was a hallucination) that occurred amidst the madness, and Rick is able to put himself in a place to think about it.

We do have some more scoop on the future of “The Walking Dead” over at the link here, and be sure to keep checking back for more news.

Photo: AMC

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