‘Breaking Bad’ season 5, episode 10 preview: Hank’s back in the saddle

The latest -Trying to write about almost anything related to the future of “Breaking Bad” is a near-impossible task at times, given that much of what you have to go on more often than not is just teasers and bits of symbolism from past episodes.

What we really know about this week’s episode called “Buried” can almost be summarized best just by looking at the attached photo here: Hank is going to get himself back in the office after struggling at first to handle the news that his brother-in-law Walter White, who he has visited for barbecues and cared for his children, is actually Heisenberg. The target of his longtime obsession has been right under his nose, and he now has to deal with the dilemma of what he wants to do about it.

The only other story that we can tease for the time being is that Walt is going to need to find Jesse Pinkman, but who knows at this point just where he could be? The biggest problem that Walt faces right now is Aaron Paul’s character deciding to toss all of his hard-earned “blue” earnings all over the street, leaving DNA and all over sorts of problems all over it. Both Skyler and Saul are going to find themselves involved in this yet again, and there could seemingly be another flash-forward, with the emphasis there on “could.” Given whatever story Vince Gilligan is trying to show us from that world, we imagine that it will be delivered to us in pieces.

Want to read more about the future of “Breaking Bad”? The two best resources we can give you are the preview video here, or the analysis of “Blood Money’s” flash-forward sequence that we talked about during the week.

Photo: AMC

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