‘Top Chef Masters: Battle of the Sous Chefs’: Who saddled their chef for Restaurant Wars?

Top Chef Masters -In this week’s edition of “Top Chef Masters: Battle of the Sous Chefs,” the stakes were a little bit different than they were for some past editions of the webseries. Once again, the winners of the competition will have an advantage for their chefs during the next round of the competition. However, the difference is that there are four clear winners, and four clear losers heading into Restaurant Wars. The winners get to assist their master chefs in the competition, and the others have to sit out.

When it comes to pure entertainment, this was probably the most boring edition of the show to date. With the chefs giving the same ingredients and forced to square off with each other, that sense of creativity was somewhat lessened. Were there some great dishes cooked still? Sure, but tasty food does not just equal being awesome fun.

So without ragging on this segment too much here, let’s just get to sharing the results of the four head-to-head showdowns that determined who helped their chefs, and who saddled them big-time for the show on Wednesday night.

The winners – Lora Kirk (Lynn Crawford), Graeme Ritchie (Bryan Voltaggio), Jason Bowlin (Neal Fraser), and Jorel Pierce (Jennifer Jasinski)

The losers – Chris Shea (David Burke), Ted Hopson (Sang Yoon), Drew Glassell (Doughlas Keane), and Nick Lama (Sue Zemanick)

Of the losers, Ted has to be the most afraid that Sang is going to hunt him down and chew his ear off. This is the third straight week that he has left his chef with a disadvantage, and while Sang has handled everything that has been thrown at him, you have to wonder ultimately just how low that measure of dominance is going to last.

You can watch the episode below, and if you’ve missed past episodes, you can click here (where we also have full reviews for every episodes of the show).

Photo: Bravo

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