‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: GinaMarie offends more; Helen’s angry

The latest -Since the nomination ceremony in the “Big Brother 15” house was around an hour and a half ago, it’s been a so-so night when it comes to interesting developments. Helen’s been clearly upset (especially with Aaryn), there are still hopes from her and Elissa that Spencer will be backdoored,

From the fun side of things, Andy is leading the charge now in hoping for the Zingbot to enter the house tomorrow, and he is trying to comb over when he has arrived in past seasons. We should note that last year, Boogie was still in the game, and that was before the jury house began. Even with the bigger jury this year, they are still taking their time. (If the Zingbot mocks someone for racist remarks, the robot will officially become the hero of this season and we will vote for it to win America’s favorite at the end.)

Speaking of racism, GinaMarie leads the charge tonight with a terrible remark saying that she doesn’t “date out of her species” after saying that she doesn’t date black guys. She did correct herself quickly, but still … ew. The day GinaMarie and Aaryn realize how delusional they are will be a great day for America.

The interesting strategy tomorrow comes via who wins the Veto. Amanda wants to see Elissa win it, mostly since that further guarantees that Helen leaves the game and nothing crazy happens. There’s also the weird possibility of Elissa possibly deciding to just leave the game if she is evicted, and not head to jury, therefore forfeiting her stipend. She has been pushed not to do this since she would hurt Helen / Andy if they make it to the end, but for now we think that this is more of just a threat to stay in the game, anyway. Amanda is trying to do some damage control with her tonight, mostly because she’s said lately that Helen carried her in the game, and that is the only reason she is still around.

That’s it for tonight, folks: You can read some other “Big Brother” live feed updates at the link here, and we’ll have more in the morning.

Photo; CBS

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