‘Glee’ season 5 promo leaves out Cory Monteith, focuses on positive message

Take a look -For its first official promo for “Glee” season 5, Fox has decided that they are not entirely interested in injecting too much gloom and doom into the mix. Rather, their intentions in promoting the show are to focus more on the happier times, and some of the reasons that fans tuned into the show in the first place: It’s about hope, inspiration, and also how far your dreams can really take you.

Just in the time since it’s release, there has been some controversy online about whether or not this promo has it right in leaving out Cory Monteith. In some ways, we understand the pain of him not being there; he was an integral part of the show, and his death is something that many fans are still looking for some healing from. But, we totally understand and even believe that it was the right thing to leave him out of this particular promo for two reasons.

1. Finn’s death is not going to be the focus of the first two episodes, and it would be wrong to tease something that you are not going to hear anything about right away.

2. Ryan Murphy has stressed how important it is to him to not feel like the show is exploiting Cory’s death for ratings and attention, and doing so here along with notices to watch the show would have felt tacky. They have already included title cards into the show itself as reminders that they are aware of Cory’s death, and holding his memory very close.

What do you think about this promo? “Glee” season 5 premieres on Fox on Thursday, September 26, and you should be sure to click here if you want to read about some new faces that are going to be joining the show very soon.

Photo: Fox

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