‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Have / Have-Not results, plus a callback

The latest -It certainly took long enough for the “Big Brother 15” Have / Have-Not Competition to be over on Friday, but we’re back now with something that everyone was surely waiting for: Real results!

This competition, at least based on the appearances from some of the houseguests, was a messy one. Based on what we are seeing right now, it appears as though GinaMarie, Elissa, Helen, and Amanda are all Have-Nots. This is a pretty familiar grouping at this point, given that some of them are literally just coming off of it and have only had a few days of eating real food. GinaMarie seems to be the most miserable of the group, with Aaryn already apologizing to her.

To make things even worse, the “food” that is being served to the houseguests as a reward here is head cheese and habernero. The latter seems to be a callback to that nasty ice cream from earlier this season, but head cheese is something that is beyond disgusting. Basically, it’s meat that can come from the head of a pig or a cow. These ladies are going to be very miserable for the rest of the week.

There is still the nomination ceremony coming later tonight, and unless there is something drastic that changes in the house, both Elissa and Helen are going to likely be on the block. Helen is still the target, but Elissa is going to be the “public” person to go home Thursday night. Let’s see if that lasts.

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Photo: CBS

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