‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’: The smallest of teases from CBS

The latest -This is that time of year again for “Survivor” fans; or, as we like to call it, Anxiety Season. You know that the reveal of the next cast is not that far away, just as you also know that the one day that you are away from your computer or forget about the show will be the day that the full list of castaways is revealed.

While we know that there are some pretty solid lists out there about the “Blood vs. Water” cast, there has also been some conflicting information; therefore, we’re not going to be getting into any of that until CBS announces it. The network has at least decided this week to try and promote the season, and let’s face it…. these photos are really better than nothing.

The first photo here is of Jeff Probst … in a denim shirt and pants that are surprising clean for being out in the wild. Hardly anything new. But the tiny portion of the set (likely tribal council?) that we are seeing here looks pretty cool, as they traditionally do given the work that’s put into these sets. (The “Heroes vs. Villains” one is probably our favorite of the past ten seasons.)

LocationAs for this second photo, this could easily be an ad for a travel company. It’s really one of the many islands on the show’s location this year, which is a different portion of the Philippines than what was used for the last two seasons. Looks beautiful, no?

Even if we joke about “Survivor,” we still do take the game seriously and love it. While “Caramoan” was hit or miss save for John Cochran’s victory in the end, “Philippines” was sensational and one of the best seasons in years. If “Blood vs. Water” can find a way to repeat that even with this risky family twist, it could be a season to bring back old fans who may have quit on the show years ago.

If you want to see more news leading up to the cast reveal, be sure to bookmark the link here. We’ll have more information as it becomes available.

Photo: CBS

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