‘The Newsroom’ season 2, episode 6 preview: The state of Will’s personal life

Moving on -One of the things that can make “The Newsroom” a little bit hard to follow sometimes is trying to put together all of the pieces of the show’s complicated timeline.  We have the scenes with the deposition happening now closer to the present, whereas we also have everything that is happening in the past.

Last we saw Nina Howard and Will McAvoy together and the two were in the early stages of a relationship, with the tabloid reporter trying to not come across as a horrible person this year. Luckily for her, she does seem to be intent on keeping this up. In the video below, you can see a brief take on Nina trying to advise Will on some of the various things he can do to improve the country’s approval of him as a newsman. While she is not exactly sugarcoating any of her comments, at the same time she is hardly berating him. This is Nina trying to help Will, even if he is not always a person that seems to actually want any help.

Do we really think that there is long-term potential in this relationship? It’s going to be difficult, given that there is this mutually-shared secret that is being kept from Mackenzie about the voicemail. Nina knows that there are feelings there with her boyfriend, and you have to imagine that even the chilliest of people would allow this to eventually interfere with their emotional psyche. On the flip side, there’s not exactly a mountain of time for things to be changed up.

Given that this past episode of the show was in our mind the strongest episode yet, “The Newsroom” has its work cut out for it. We just wonder if at any point in the coming weeks if other critics will start to recognize that this is television’s most-improved series year to year, and while there are still frustrations, the storytelling is stronger than it has ever been.

Photo: HBO

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