‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Elissa tries to do damage control with Aaryn

The latest -After spending last night feeling sorry for herself and threatening to leave the “Big Brother 15” jury house, Elissa has her head on straight this morning, trying to do whatever she can to at least repair some of the damage that she has done.

With that in mind, she went today to talk to the person that we’re pretty sure she believes to be the devil incarnate: Aaryn. She told her that she did not mean to insult her and GinaMarie yesterday by saying that she did not want to sit next to them at the Head of Household Competition, and that she was just upset and stressed out by the situation following Jessie’s eviction. Aaryn in turn told her that she is not the target, and the goal here instead is to backdoor Spencer.

First of all, this is a terrible lie by Aaryn, and Elissa surely sees right through it. Why backdoor someone when only two people are not playing in the Veto? Also, why backdoor someone who has not won a single competition all season long? Doesn’t make any sense. The only thing that Elissa is probably wrong about is possibly thinking that she is the person that Aaryn really wants to send home. Instead, it’s Helen, but this is a secret that neither her nor Elissa should know about for the time being.

For now, Aaryn is also planning to blast Elissa in her nomination speech as well, saying that she treats everyone in the game badly, even those who have helped her to get as far as she has. Why do this? She thinks that it will make good TV, but that she is not really going to get her vote in the jury house, anyway.

Once again, the real winner in all of this is Amanda. Everyone in the jury knows that she is the one pulling the strings, even if Aaryn is in power and making the moves to actually put everyone on the block. Also, she manages to avoid going on the block for a little while longer; even if someone does win the Veto, Spencer will almost surely be the replacement nominee. Pending something crazy like a possible Pandora’s Box appearance, this will be a boring week in the game.

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Photo: CBS

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