‘Game of Thrones’ video: Something that could be valuable for season 4

Take a look -Since “Game of Thrones” only has ten episodes in which to tell a story, and only an hour for each episode each, it only seems inevitable that there are going to be a few scenes that end up getting cut. Unfortunately, one of them just so happened to be a rather brilliant one between Tywin Lannister and┬áMaester Pycelle that really showed the latter man’s real sentiments, and not just the meek member of the council that he once was.

The structure of the scene is pretty simple: While away from his Hand of the King duties at the palace, Tywin receives a visit from none other than the Maester, who is hoping to regain his council seat now for one simple reason: It was Tyrion who took it away from him, and now that he is no longer in power, he feels as though there is an opportunity now to earn it back. Unfortunately For Pycelle, Tywin does not seem to agree.

His belief? That if you go against one Lannister in such a way as Pycelle did with Tyrion, you go against them all regardless of whether or not you feel that one has the best interest of the house at heart. He calls the Maester out on his act, saying that he is effectively little more than a political power player like everyone else. And in this scene, we then see the other man hardly back away from such accusations. It’s an important scene regarding trust and allegiances, and thus, it is one that we are rather sad did not end up making the final cut of the season over some things we could have done without (so many Theon or Stannis scenes).

This scene will be a part of the season 3 Blu-Ray, which hits stores next year. You can hear more about the upcoming fourth season at the link here, and we’ll have more as it is reported.

Photo: HBO

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