‘Burn Notice’ season 7, episode 10 review: One of Michael Westen’s coldest kills yet

What happened? -When you are a spy, it’s almost in the unwritten code that you are going to be forced at times to do some pretty ugly things. Many of these came out in Thursday night’s “Burn Notice” episode “Things Unseen,” with the primary one being having to watch Michael Westen prove his loyalty to James, but at the same time eliminate someone in Steele who he once felt held a certain bit of value to him.

This episode could turn out to be an extremely important one for the entire future of the show, and for one primary reason: Michael killed someone who was technically on his side. Where does this road of loyalty start and end? Is Fiona someone that he’d also take down if need be? We’re being somewhat hyperbolic, but this is what makes him at times a pretty difficult man to understand; while he is very resourceful at times, there are other moments in which he still sees the world as being very much black and white.

For all of the criticism of this season surrounding Michael and Fiona taking their sweet time to get together, we imagine that you probably appreciated the opportunity to see them actually take some steps towards being together again … courtesy of Carlos moving out. It’s nothing that either one of them necessarily did actively, but it is hard to dispute that it allows the door to be open again on something that could have been dead earlier this season.

But, there are only three episodes left. Unless there’s some sort of time jump, we find it hard to see Fiona jumping from “I love you” to Carlos to suddenly wanting to be with Michael again, especially given that he was the reason Carlos left. This is why we are left both happy and conflicted by the end of this episode, though the video preview for next week does at least have us excited as to who the old face from Michael’s past could be.

Do you like where “Burn Notice” is going leading into the end? As always, we want to hear your thoughts below!

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