‘Bones’ season 9 spoilers: Check out a series of intriguing episode titles

What's ahead -Not everything may be revealed yet about the upcoming ninth season of “Bones,” but we do at least have some information that makes the wait until Monday, September 16 all the more exciting: Some episode titles for a good chunk of what you are going to see this fall.

First of all, there is little questioning that most of these names are going to feel pretty familiar. It is the way in which the show has a tendency to work from a format standpoint. However, there are at least a few of these names (per SpoilerTV) that may also throw you for a little bit of a loop, and completely catch you off-guard. Take a look at all of them below.

9×03, “The Cheat in the Retreat” – Is this that long-awaited couples’ retreat episode that we have been hearing so much about? You have to believe it. There would really be no other reason for the name to be there.

9×04, “The Sense in the Sacrifice” – This one is a little bit too vague to read into right now.

9×06, “The Woman in White” – Is this really a wedding episode? It would be during the November sweeps, and the obvious imagery here is of a bride. Considering that there is a wedding happening this season, it’s possible.

9×07, “The Nazi On the Honeymoon” – Look at that; it’s the word “on” rather than “in”! It’s also not hard to read something big into this one.

9×08, “The Dude in the Dam” – This is the same as in 9×04, at least in that there’s little to be said about it.

While this may not be new to all of you, the second episode of the season is entitled “El Carnicero en el Coche,” which is a nice little Spanish twist from the norm. We have some more scoop at the link here, and we will have even more as it becomes available.

Photo: Fox

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