‘Big Brother 15’ review: Jessie vs everyone and a new HOH

The latest -While it’s been clear all week that Jessie is going to be the one eliminated tonight from the “Big Brother 15” house, we’ve heard that she’s been stirring up drama like crazy this week in hopes of outing some big alliances. So did Jessie end up going home or was she able to flip the house and get Spencer out? Let’s see what happened…

Jessie vs Helen: Jessie’s been told that she’s a pawn by Andy, but she’s getting the feeling by the way Helen and Elissa are acting that she’s going home. While talking in a group, Helen suggests that Judd was the MVP and he was getting Jessie to do his dirty work to backdoor Amanda. When Jessie confronts Helen about outing her in front of everyone (since Helen was in on the plan to backdoor Amanda), Helen calls her a liar and Jessie immediately decides to blow up Helen’s game. She goes to Amanda and tells her that Helen was trying to get her out last week. Amanda goes to Helen and tells her what Jessie just said and Helen and Jessie sit down to talk about what actually happened. As the fight heats up Helen back peddles on what she said last week (which was that she wanted to get Amanda) and Amanda is happy to see Helen’s game exposed.

Jessie vs Andy: When Jessie hears Aaryn through the wall that Jessie’s going home, she confronts Andy about lying to him, telling him that she knows she’s going home. At that moment she decides to go out in a blaze glory.

Jessie blows up Aaryn and GinaMarie: Jessie tells GinaMarie that Aaryn is talking bad about everyone and GinaMarie lets Aaryn know. It quickly escalates into a fight between Aaryn and GinaMarie, because Aaryn wants her to stop talking about it and as Aaryn tries to get away from her, GinaMarie follows her around screaming and yelling. When Aaryn tries to end the fight, GinaMarie starts screaming for the whole house to wake up and come and watch the fight (which is really about nothing). Jessie is loving that she has driven a wedge between these two that were so very close all season long.

Eviction: Jessie started out as a bit of a ditz who only talked about how pretty she was, but the past few weeks have shown Jessie as a bit of a trouble maker and an underdog going up on the block over and over. Did she get sent to jury? She did and it was unanimous. The one thing she said after being evicted was that she is ready to have a conversation with Judd in the jury house about what went down last week.

New HOH: We’ve been very worried that either Amanda or McCrae were going to be the next HOH and when it was down to Amanda and Aaryn we were at the edge of our seat. So who won? It was Aaryn once again making this her fourth HOH win. We may not like her, but the girl is a beast in competitions.

A juror will return: Julie revealed that for the first time a jury member will return to the house next Thursday to have a second shot at playing the game, either Jessie, Judd, Candice or whoever Aaryn gets evicted. This could be very bad for Aaryn if she decides to make a big move and get backstab Helen, then Helen wins the competition to come back into the house.

Are you annoyed that Aaryn won HOH again? Do you think she will stay loyal to the 3 a.m. alliance or Helen? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think is going to happen in the “Big Brother” house this week. If you are looking for more “Big Brother 15” news, just click here.

Photo: CBS

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