Conan O’Brien offers Harrison Ford $1,000 for ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ spoilers (video)

The video below -Well, you have to give Conan O’Brien some credit for trying, right?

Harrison Ford is going to be a guest on tonight’s episode of “Conan,” and in the preview video below, you can take advantage of a chance to see one thing that the host is willing to do in an effort to try and get the actor to spill the beans on the upcoming “Star Wars: Episode VII.” Specifically, Conan agreed to give him a thousand dollars if he is willing to talk about the movie. You can’t sneeze at that sort of cash, right?

First of all, Ford looks at the money like it’s a foreign object, and you can just see his face starting to melt off the moment that words “Star Wars” are even mentioned. As much as he may enjoy playing Han Solo, we really do not get the feeling that he likes anyone talking to him about it. Harrison looks about a second away from telling everyone in the audience to get off his lawn.

In the end, Harrison does take the money … and then offers up a ridiculous “spoiler” on the upcoming film that completely ruins the video if we spoil it for you here. Just know that it’s probably not exactly what you were expecting.

The new “Star Wars” has yet to begin production, but it is something that the entire world is waiting to see. Michael Arndt (“Toy Story 3”) is responsible for the story, and it is being directed by J.J. Abrams. In other words, the pedigree for it to be great is clearly there. It all comes down now to brass tacks, and whether or not it actually will.

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Photo: TBS

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