‘Breaking Bad’ season 5: Aaron Paul gives hilarious responses to Reddit commentors

Ask anything -We admit, we love Aaron Paul for so many reasons, but one of the primary ones is that he seems to be completely unafraid of the idea that for the rest of his life, most of his fanbase is going to permanently identify him with a single swear word that Jesse Pinkman has turned into a battle cry. It starts with a b, rhymes with twitch, and Aaron says it about ten times in the video from the Nerdist Channel below.

Following the “Breaking Bad” star’s recent AMA on Reddit, he decided that he was going to hand out awards for some of the most ridiculous things possible, including the coolest username, most random question, or even the question that made his wife laugh the hardest. The winners didn’t really get a prize, at least outside of Aaron lobbing an obscenity at them and saying their username in the video.

Usually when you promote a TV show, you get a little bit of time off in the middle of it in order to go out and do some other things and relax. We’re not quite so sure that this is going to be happening with “Breaking Bad,” given that the show is only eight episodes long this summer, and the hype around it is so intense and passionate. This show may at the moment have the most-anticipated final season that we’ve seen since “Lost,” at least when it comes to online passion. (Now just imagine if Twitter had been active when “Lost” was on the air … and during its series finale.)

Every week, we’re going to have some detailed analysis of a moment in the past episode to go along with our full review. This week, we broke down the flashforward at the start of the premiere, and you can see that at the link here.

Photo: AMC

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