‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Aaryn tells Jessie about eviction plans

The latest -For at least the next paragraph or two, we’re going to try and set aside our feelings of disdain and vitriol for Aaryn on “Big Brother 15,” and simply take a look at what has been a week of actually pretty good game play that really should give CBS and Allison Grodner cause for concern that she could make it very far this season.

Earlier this week, we saw Aaryn get herself into a final four deal with Amanda, McCrae, and Andy known as the 3am Alliance. Meanwhile, she is still pretty close to Helen, and has that argument of winning a number of competitions (even if one of them was really Jeremy, and the other two had a certain amount of luck to them).

Now, she is setting up Jessie very well as a player to not only vote for her at the end of the game, but possibly convince others to do the same. This afternoon, she told her that she was going to be leaving the house tonight, and said that she wanted to tell her earlier, but that nobody else in the game wanted her to. She also encouraged her to talk with Judd, and not just ice him out based on what he was saying to other people in the game.

If Jessie’s telling the truth about giving Aaryn her vote, that’s a problem later this season that could make Grodner pass out. We think that Candice is a vote against her for sure (unless she is up there against GinaMarie), and Elissa won’t likely give Aaryn a vote either. But Helen has gotten closer to her, and the 3am crew would probably vote for one of their own allies over someone that is not, at least based on how “Big Brother” juries lately have been very personal. Spencer has no real hope of winning against anybody.

While all of these players are going to feel very stupid based on how Aaryn is known now outside of the game as a racist and horrible human being, they’re doing what they think is right for them now. As for Aaryn, she’s made a surprising turnaround into someone that needs to be watched out for. She claims to be worried that she, Spencer, and GinaMarie are going to be next, and we really don’t think that is the case. Helen is the most-likely target next unless she or Elissa wins Head of Household.

If you want to read some more scoop from the “Big Brother” live feed, just be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: CBS

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