‘American Horror Story: Coven’ teaser: There is a staircase in New Orleans

The latest -FX is taking their time more so than last year when it comes to the “American Horror Story” teasers. While we were used to getting new looks at the “Asylum” season almost on a daily basis, the show is letting the new videos for “Coven” trickle out slowly and surely over the course of the summer.

When you look at the new teaser (entitled “Staircase”) below, you will notice that there are some common bonds between it and some other teasers released over the years. If you recall, stairs were used often in the “Asylum” promos as a sort of an ascension / descent into madness.

Also, there is a presence of the “floating” motif, which is something that was utilized in the first teaser for the show, which featured a number of various women floating in what was a living area. Given that we never see the faces of these women it is difficult to tell who they are, why they are in such a suspended state, or what they are hoping to gain from just “hanging around”.

“American Horror Story: Coven” returns to FX in October, but for the time being this is by far one of the most secretive collections of episodes that Ryan Murphy has come up with next. Save for the setting and a few rough details on the characters, including Sarah Paulson playing the daughter of Jessica Lange’s character, there is not much that is out there. We’re hoping that this is a measure of the network realizing that they have the strongest season of the show yet, and that the more they keep hidden, the better it is going to be for viewers down the road. We weren’t in love with last season, but the standalone nature of these shows gives you an instant way to correct yourself with the next premiere.

Photo: FX

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