‘Two and a Half Men’ season 11 spoilers: Jon Cryer on working with Amber Tamblyn

It begins -Oh, the joys of working on a sitcom. While most other fall scripted series started up production last month, the cast of “Two and a Half Men” really only got going this week on their first episode of the season. When you combine this with the crazy salaries that Jon Cryer and Ashton Kutcher bring in for this show, this is really where it’s at.

But this is yet again a time for change on this show, as Amber Tamblyn has joined the cast for a recurring role as the daughter of Charlie Sheen’s character, one that no one previously knew anything about. It’s an interesting part, given that she’s playing an adventurous lesbian who basically likes everything that Charlie did during his lifetime. In other words, it’s a pretty different role from “Joan of Arcadia.”

While the latest start time means it’s still a little early to tell whether or not Tamblyn’s role could become a series regular, Cryer tells E! News that for the time being, the cast is enjoying what she is bringing to the table:

“We don’t know how long [she’ll be around], but then, do we ever know how long? It’s very exciting. We just had our first run through with her and it was great.”

We just hope that Tamblyn fits in with the cast pretty naturally. There were times during season 10 that we really enjoyed the show for the first time without Sheen, but then there were also jokes about Alan Harper in his underwear. Given that Angus T. Jones wasn’t going to be around much anymore, we’re glad that there is at least an attempt now to do something new, even if this is hardly “Two and a Half Men” anymore.

In case you didn’t hear, Jones is also going to be gone from the title sequence this year … yet another sign that the show is moving towards “two men, and a woman if she sticks around” as the new title.

Photo: CBS

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