‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Head of Household speculation; Amanda, McCrae’s hope

The latest -With Jessie going home for sure tonight on “Big Brother 15,” it’s understandable that the attention for some of the other houseguests has shifted a little bit. Why waste a ton of time on someone who you know for sure is not staying in the game? The only somewhat-mean thing they are doing is not telling her for sure that she is leaving the game, mostly in fear that she will freak out on them and tear through the house while they are trying to enjoy her final time in the game.

But what is there to talk about instead? The simple answer is paranoia. There is a sentiment that the next Head of Household Competition could be something physical, given that there was no alcohol handed out tonight to celebrate the end of the Have-Nots’ time on slop. McCrae wants to win this one badly, feeling that the time is perfect to blindside Helen and to cut off the head of the snake.

Could he potentially use her in order to get further? Possibly, but he doesn’t realize just how much she is buying into the final three deal he made with her and Andy. From his standpoint, it’s better to take her out of the game sooner rather than later. If he or Amanda win this one, Helen’s toast.

The game-bashing has also shifted over from Judd to Jessie now, with people saying that Judd will be happy to see the girl that ruined his game in the Jury House. We are still suspicious that the “Jury House” may not even exist yet, though, and that CBS will be bringing someone back like on the Canadian version of the show. Why’s that? It’s simple: Nobody wants to see someone who’s been saying racist comments win, and getting Judd back in the house (because that’s who America would likely vote for) would help to stop that. Plus, it’d also give us another double-eviction, and those are always a ton of fun to watch in the game.

If you do want to read some more news from the “Big Brother” live feed, just be sure to head over to the link here.

Photo: CBS

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