‘Duck Dynasty’ season 4 premiere review: Phil Robertson, Miss Kay renew their vows

Check it out -Robertson fans rejoice! Wednesday night brought the return of “Duck Dynasty,” otherwise known as one of the biggest reality TV juggernauts out there. The show has amassed the sort of success at this point to where they probably cannot go anywhere without being recognized, and the fact that they still want to do this show is impressive in itself. Do they have a mountain of money to show for it? Sure, but we at least like to imagine that this does not make up for the sheer lack of privacy that they have.

Luckily, tonight’s episode of the show was really more about what we do enjoy about the show than some of its recent episodes, which were obviously-set up pitches that involved Willie meeting other famous people. It was a chance for Phil and Miss Kay to renew their wedding vows, and at the center of this family with their quirky beards, you have two people who genuinely seem to love and care about each other with a remarkable story to tell.

You could feel the love in this episode, and there wasn’t a feeling that some of the dialogue was created by the situation. We’re not trying to say that “Duck Dynasty” is fake by any means, but there are times when certain situations feel as though they were suggested, and the group works from there. This was not the case tonight. From the planning process to the ceremony, it was that perfect balance of sweet and humorous. We’ve always felt like this was the new American family sitcom, even if there is no script, and this gave viewers an opportunity to peek deeper into the world, and learn even more about the family.

One of these very things that we learned about was Alan Robertson, the oldest son of Phil’s who works in the field of ministry. It’s a jarring feeling to some casual fans that Alan even exists, let alone that he is suddenly a larger part of the show. We don’t know if he is going to be funny enough to justify a bigger role, and while he was decent this week, our favorite episodes are the ones where it is really all about Willie, Jase, and Si doing crazy things.

Given that the cast just signed a lucrative long-term deal, we know that there will be much more “Duck Dynasty” in the months to come. Now what will be interesting to see is if the ratings continue to rise as the show starts to show more of its age.

Photo: A&E

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