‘Big Brother 15’ review: Helen falls for McCrae’s fake alliance

The latest -With Andy in power in the “Big Brother 15” house and everyone still thinking it’s “too soon” to make a big move (but really everyone’s just scared), we weren’t surprised to see Jessie and Spencer on the block. We are hoping, praying and begging anyone with a brain in the house to help shake Andy awake and make him backdoor a big player since there’s only a few eliminations left, but he’s just too nervous of a player to do anything substantial. Jessie and Spencer are useless players and threats to no one… what a waste of a nomination.

The 3 a.m. alliance: McCrae, Amanda, Andy and Aaryn decide to make a final four deal, even though Aaryn has been working with Helen. Aaryn feels that this alliance can get her further in the game then just Helen, but we’re not so sure we agree at this point since Amanda is such a huge liability and Andy is afraid to make any real moves.

Nomination chatter: Helen is concerned that Andy’s nominations are too safe (and they are) and it’s making her think that he’s loyal to Amanda and McCrae over her (which he is). Andy tells Amanda and McCrae that Helen wants him to make a “big move” and Amanda comes up with the idea of having McCrae and Andy make a fake alliance with Helen to make her trust them, but at the first chance they have, they want to take out Helen.

McCrae’s fake Helen alliance: McCrae approaches Helen with this fake final three alliance with Andy saying that Amanda isn’t someone that he can beat at the end. Does she take the bait? She totally did! So much so that Helen approached Andy with McCrae’s fake alliance. When Helen brings to McCrae to get rid of Amanda before the final four, he realizes that they need to get Helen out before that.

Veto: Andy, Spencer, Jessie, Helen, Elissa, and Amanda are all playing in the veto and Andy is trying to get everyone to throw the veto so that Helen wins and keeps the nominations the same. We have really been rooting for Jessie as she’s become the fearless underdog the past few weeks, so we hoped that she would win the veto this week. Andy’s plan to get Helen to win the veto was going very well until Spencer decides to go against the group and tried to win the veto to secure his safety which knocked Helen out. After that everyone started playing hard for the veto and Andy won.

Post veto paranoia: After Spencer decided to go against “the plan” and actually play for the veto (which is the right thing to do since he’s on the block) Amanda is upset with him and doesn’t understand why he doesn’t trust them. Uh… maybe because he’s not in your alliance Amanda? So did Andy use the veto? Of course not and Jessie is still the target, but Spencer’s veto speech was awesome, because he called Andy out on making bad decisions all week.

Where are the big moves? Do you think that everyone’s playing it too safe this season? If you want more “Big Brother 15” news and spoilers just click here.

Photo: CBS

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