‘The Mentalist’ season 6 spoilers: Boss on Patrick Jane’s future without Red John

The latest -If you have been reading some of the recent stories online regarding the future of “The Mentalist,” then you may already be very much aware that there are some plans at the moment to try and take care of the Red John story at some point around the middle of the season. This is a villain that has plagued the Patrick Jane character almost since the beginning of the series, and it is someone that he has dedicated his life to taking down.

So is it fair to say that losing this adversary will have a profound impact on his life? You better believe it. For more evidence, just take a look at what series creator Bruno Heller has to say in a chat with TVLine:

“I’ve always wondered how the show would go on from that. Once Moby Dick has  been killed, what happens next? You have to tell the story about how Patrick gets back to shore. He’s been out of sea hunting this creature for so long, I think people will want to know what happens to him after that. Does he live happily ever after? What happens when you’ve been searching for something as long as he has? We are going to get into that. It would be cheating the audience not to tell them what happens after. We have a great story for that saga, because it begins a whole new saga. Where does he go from there? How does he live with what he’s done? Can he find happiness? All of those are big questions we are going to explore.”

When you are on the air six seasons, you need to have changes, and with that in mind, we have to applaud the show for taking a chance. As for whether or not this works, that is something we’re sure everyone will Monday morning quarterback when the time comes.

While some changes can be exciting, some can also be rather scary. For more on that, just remember the news that a pair of longtime characters on the show are going to leave before the end of the season. This is going to be a great opportunity to move forward and see what happens to Simon Bakers character now.

Photo: CBS

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