‘Homeland’ season 3 spoilers: Brody, Carrie, Saul, and trust focus of new teaser

The latest -In a world that is as complicated as that of “Homeland,” who can you really trust? This is the subject of the latest teaser that was just released by Showtime, which features three very familiar faces giving video messages: Carrie, Saul, and Brody. Also, it features a question that you should probably keep in mind as we push ever deeper into the season: Who do you trust?

If we were to do some sort of trust power rankings on these characters, it would probably go as follows. Saul would be #1, given that he is in the highest position of authority right now, and he only seems to lie sometimes to protect others. Meanwhile, Carrie’s #2 since her love for Brody tends to often blur what is the right or logical thing for her to be doing.

Finally, we have to place Brody as the least-trustworthy on the list, and for so many reasons that we cannot even count. Who knows how this guy even sleeps at night, given the people that he has killed? Even though he did not blow up Langley at the end of last season, he is still responsible for so many other things that it almost doesn’t matter when it comes to helping how much we trust him. Brody will be starting off season 3 in another country, though we are not going to see him or his bald head (as per the new official trailer) until the third episode.

Meanwhile, the story for both Saul and Carrie is going to take them deep within the world of government, as the two characters will be questioned repeatedly over what happened in the attack, and their roles in following up and chasing every lead. It’s not a good position for Carrie to be in, but it should create some pretty outstanding drama come September 29.

Photo: Showtime

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