‘The X Factor’ USA / UK notes: Emblem3 spoofs Justin Bieber; Simon Cowell debates

The latest -What did Emblem3 do? – Let’s start this “X Factor” notes with breaking news from the world of not wearing any clothes: The guys from Emblem3 are not afraid to post their own version of the now-infamous “Justin Bieber with a guitar” picture. These photos, which were taken during last year’s Canadian Thanksgiving, already have Bieber being mocked by such people as Jimmy Kimmel. The only thing that is as bizarre as the photo itself? That he did this in front of his grandmother.

Now, Emblem3’s version of it is below, and we thought we’d at least give you a moment or two so that you had an opportunity to look away.

This happened -Yep, so there you have it: That is a lot of Emblem3. The guys joked to Bieber in a post on Twitter that they were in Canada and ready for a “jam sesh,” and they’ve already gotten themselves attacked by some Beliebers in the process. Our response to this? Really, that it’s just pretty funny, in the same exact sort of way that it was funny to see Justin’s picture for the first time. This entire story is completely silly, and anyone who takes it too seriously needs to probably rethink their priorities. It gets the group a little attention, and Bieber has to be able to laugh at himself to a certain degree.

The British show’s future – In now going to something very different, negotiations are already underway for the “X Factor” to remain a part of the ITV lineup moving forward, but there were some very silly questions that were asked recently about whether or not there would be an interest in the show without Simon Cowell being back.

Our response to that? Of course there is an interest! Deadline reports that not even Simon’s recent relationship drama will get in the way, and while the British media may be desperate to have him return to the show, it’s just not feasible so long as he also does the American one simultaneously. Then again, if the U.S. ratings keep dropping, he may not be a part of the show stateside for much longer.

Photo: Fox, Emblem3

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