‘Glee’ season 5 spoilers: Chris Colfer – Darren Criss scoop!

Another gift? -For those of you Klaine fans, we know that you’re eager to find out an answer to the big question from the “Glee” season 5 premiere: Is Kurt actually going to say yes to Blaine’s marriage proposal, or will it even happen at all?

As it would be a huge spoiler that would ruin the show, we can’t say whether or not Darren Criss’ character gets down on one knee during the September 26 episode; however, what we can tell you is that this story is not going to be forgotten in the middle of a Beatles tribute, and he and Chris Colfer will also be singing a duet. Could some of this in any way involve the return of the Warblers and Grant Gustin to the show? Time will tell, but some of the biggest moments of this episode are going to be rather Blaine-specific.

While we do not have any doubt that most of “Glee’s” cast and crew want to see Kurt and Blaine together at the end of the day, there is also a prevailing feeling that there is also a hope that the parties will take their time getting engaged (or married) more so than just rushing into this relationship. They are still very young, so we’re not going to take anything that happens during this episode (proposal or not) as a sign that things are over for them. We know that Ryan Murphy does fashion his show to be a rather optimistic one, and it almost may be more important that Kurt and Blaine are together at the end of the series now, given that the story of Rachel Berry is now going to take a very tragic turn.

One of the other questions that should be answered within the first half of “Glee’s” upcoming season is what the future for Blaine will be. We’re assuming that he will be interested in going to New York, but if he does, what is he going to do there? He can’t just be with Kurt and be happy; these are ambitious people, and this could mean some new and exciting challenges.

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