‘So You Think You Can Dance’ review: Tucker Knox, Robert Roldan pair for emotional routine

Our take -Dear executives at Fox: Please don’t cancel “So You Think You Can Dance.” As someone who spends over 24 hours a week watching television shows, it can become so mundane to sit through things that are contrived and cliched; this show is neither, and at times it can be magic.

While not every routine tonight was our favorite, the show as a whole was brilliant. Great music, great judging, no celebrity shoehorned in who didn’t belong, and Cat Deeley was fantastic as always. We could not ask for a better way to spend two hours than watching these artists genuinely pour their hearts out there for us to watch.

Amy Yakima and Brandon Bryant, disco – First of all, the song choice of Whitney Houston was something a little bit strange, given that this song has been attached to such an emotional memory. But this routine was great, full of energy, and fun. It’s just nice to see that she really does still shine even without Paul around, and can blend with the best of them.

Aaron Turner and Kathryn McCormick, contemporary – When we look at routines on this show, this is one that we’re worried about for Aaron. He danced it phenomenally, and remains our favorite dancer of the season, but the routine, sadly enough, was nothing altogether revolutionary. This just means that he’s probably going to need an extra influx of support after going early on the show.

Fik-Shun and Melanie Moore, jazz – To us, Melanie is probably one of the three best female dancers ever on the show, and she is one of those performers that is so great, you forget about who she is with. That’s what happened here. Fik-Shun improved on his recent weak streak, but was completely overshadowed for most of the performance.

Paul Karmiryan and Whitney Carson, cha-cha – Well, it’s official: Paul really drew the right straw this week. Not only did he get an opportunity to perform in his signature style, but he was with a dancer who has been on the “Dancing with the Stars” troupe for the past spring. You knew that this was going to be the best ballroom of the season, and (shocker!) it was. No contest.

Hayley Erbert and tWitch Boss, hip-hop РMeanwhile, tWitch is probably the most-popular male dancer that has ever been on this show, and that is the perfect person to have on your side. As for this routine, it was a fun little routine about a man trying to make his financial dreams come true with a little dancing. There was nothing revolutionary in here, but the moves were solid, and Hayley is a perfect darkhorse to go very far.

Jenna Johnson and Neil Haskell, contemporary – What a beautiful routine this was, and it makes us want to angrily shake America for never giving Jenna any love. She was in the bottom two this week yet again, and we don’t quite know why given that she’s been pretty strong this season. We don’t know just what it was that got us choked up here, given that there have been so many routines about love on the show; maybe it was the dance quality coupled with the music and the moment. It was stellar, to put it lightly.

Jasmine Harper and Marko Germar, jazz – It was about time that someone danced to “Blurred Lines,” making this the last show that has tried to capitalize on the summer smash from Robin Thicke. This was just so much fun across the board, and perfectly in sync. Jasmine actually reminded us a lot of Janelle Monae during this performance, committing to every little move to the point where she even out-shined the brilliant Marko. This dance alone may make her a favorite among the ladies.

Makenzie Dustman and Jakob Karr, Broadway – Are we too hard on Broadway dances? For whatever reason, we just have not really dug the style at all this season, and it is pretty hard to explain why. Makenzie was strong in this routine, but we actually found it a tad boring. It was the first time all night we weren’t glued to the screen waiting for more.

Nico Greetham and Comfort, hip-hop – Nico drew the short end of the stick today, having to do a style that is far from his own, and one that he really just looks somewhat awkward doing. This was a pretty fun routine, but it was never one that he understandably looked completely comfortable with. When you are in the bottom two, that is not a great sign.

Tucker Knox and Robert Roldan, contemporary – This was the most touching routine of the night, and quite possibly of the season. Travis Wall choreographed a tale of two brothers trying to overcome troubles, and this is something that both Tucker and Robert related to thanks to their respective near-death experiences. The movements were perfect, but this was about more than that. It was telling a story, and we applaud Travis and the dancers for being so bold to create this little slice of magic tonight.

Eliminated – Makenzie and Nico. After Jenna and Tucker’s performances, there was no way you could eliminate either of them. This is why Nigel Lythgoe stood by the latter after his injury last week, and we do think that we will be spared for this coming show. If there is any justice in the world, it will be so. Fik-Shun and Jenna are probably the two in the most trouble now.

Who do you think was the best tonight? As always, we do welcome all of your thoughts below.

Photo: Fox

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