‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Jessie stalks Elissa, continues trainwreck behavior

The latest -On this season of “Big Brother,” this is what it has come to: We are basically having to get the majority of our kicks out of watching someone completely self-destruct on the live feeds, act like a crazy person, and have other people adopt some sort of holier-than-thou attitude.

But we have to say before getting into some of her antics that we find it rather hypocritical that some of the other houseguests are acting all snooty about Jessie’s behavior after finding out that she is leaving the game. Do you really just want her to be like “okay” and take it on the chin? She’s given up her summer to be here, and she’s not one of these people like Kaitlin who wandered into the house not even knowing what the show is. She probably feels stupid for helping to get rid of possible allies, only to realize now that she was just expediting her own demise from the game.

Now, let’s get into the Jessie highlight reel for today.

1. Stalking Elissa – This one is the craziest, since she has followed Elissa around, called her “Rachel’s shadow,” and told her to her face the fact that she is not remotely good at this game. This is mostly just ironic given that Elissa hates Spencer, and was never really someone fighting that hard to get Jessie out in the first place.

2. Attacking Helen – She’s called Helen a “liar” to her face, which we guess is fair since Helen has lied to her. At the same time, do you really think that this was the best course of action for her in this game? Helen has since said that she won’t recommend Jessie for a job at Facebook, where she apparently wants to work. (Helen also insinuated that she may have a mental problem.)

3. Stirring the pot – She continues to try to pit Amanda and GinaMarie against each other, and tries to tell Amanda and McCrae not to trust anyone else … but they already knew that. These two are the only ones that Jessie is being somewhat nice to, though she also hid McCrae’s water bottle.

While we hate to see others suffer, it’s pretty great from an entertainment perspective, and it may actually make Jessie remembered versus being yet another young woman that blended into the house. She’s already unemployed, so it’s not like she has anything to lose from it.

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Photo: CBS

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