‘Game of Thrones’ season 4 notes: Natalie Dormer and casting scoop

Natalie speaks out -During this “Game of Thrones” production period, there are quiet periods where you often go weeks at a time without hearing anything. Therefore, we’re at least pleased to have a couple of little updates about what is going on in the world of the show, beginning with a casting announcement for a relatively minor role.

In a post on Twitter, the mother of young actress Trixiebelle Harrowell confirmed that she will be a part of the new season. (Thanks to Winter Is Coming for the find.) Filming right now as a whole is concentrated mostly on Northern Ireland, though there are some sets being constructed in Croatia for the filming coming up there in multiple cities.

As for Natalie Dormer … She recently spoke to Allure about what makes the show popular in the first place. Overall, we think that she really does cover most of the bases here pretty well:

“There’s the violence and the bloodletting and the honor. And then there’s the romance and the sex and the naked bodies. There are the costumes, and the coming-of-age stories for younger viewers. There are gay heroes and straight heroes. There’s feminism. And there’s dragons and supernatural sh** going on. There’s magic and CGI for the geeks. There is literally something for everyone.”

While Dormer has been given the opportunity to do some other work in the past few months on “Elementary,” now she is firmly all about “Game of Thrones” again. We’re not going to give away anything too major for those who legitimately want to be surprised, but there is some great stuff coming up for her this coming season that justifies her ever-growing presence on the show.

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Photo: HBO

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