‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 spoilers: Talking about Michonne and her horse

What's next? -The producers behind “The Walking Dead” have some pretty exciting things planned for the upcoming fourth season, but admittedly, one that has our interest in particular piqued is the opportunity to see Michonne ride around on her horse, Flame. It’s a nice shift from what she has done on the show so far, and it’s also a nice twist for the show as a whole. After all, how often do you really get an opportunity to see something like this as transportation on a show that is really all about zombies and humans?

But, the horse is something that does make plenty of sense when you think about it. Just take a look for evidence at what executive producer Gale Anne Hurd had to say to Entertainment Weekly:

“One of the most compelling images is Michonne finding a new and possibly a lot more reliable type of transportation. With gas at a premium, with the fact that vehicles break down, I think we would return to the days of horseback riding and you can graze them as you go in a place like Georgia. You don’t have to carry food for them. They feed themselves, so to speak. It goes along with the new approach this season of sustainability. With a horse, you can go through the woods. You can get around obstacles. You can’t do that in a vehicle. If a tree falls and blocks the road, you can’t go through the forest. You’re not going to make it through. It’s actually much more of a useful choice. Not only that, but Michonne looks so bada** on it.”

Danai Gurira herself claims that she had to learn to ride a horse in order to be adequately prepared for the part at the end of the day, but she greatly enjoyed getting the sort of freedom that came with getting the opportunity to ride. It’s a unique experience, and one that will also create some more awesome imagery to go along with walkers eating various people’s body parts.

Danai’s not the only star of “The Walking Dead” right now making headlines; we’ve also got some scoop on Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus, and we’ll have more leading up to the show’s return to AMC in October.

Photo: AMC

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