‘Supernatural’ season 9 spoilers: Now with a visit from Giles the Butler

What's coming up? -As someone who absolutely loves “Whodunnit?” as a summer show, the following news is almost as exciting as a season 2 renewal for the show would be. According to The Hollywood Reporter, actor Gildart Jackson, who plays the over-the-top butler host to the show in Giles, is going to be appearing in an episode of “Supernatural” season 9 as Haggerty, a member of the Men of Letters who will show up in a flashback episode that brings us back to the 1930s.

When it comes to his look alone, Jackson seems to be perfectly cast for a flashback sequence, and it will be especially intriguing to see what sort of acting jobs he is offered following his gig on the ABC show in addition to this one. He was perfectly in character the entire time, and was also both funny and intense throughout the show’s run.

As for the rest of “Supernatural” season 9, the story is going to be based this year on a number of things, whether it be Sam’s recovery from the trials, the angels falling down to the earth, and what happens now with Crowley following everything from the finale. There were some emotional scenes then, but the show has to establish back some of its funny-but-still-serious tone pretty early on here.

Most of the other guest stars currently booked on the show are ones that you’ve heard about for quite a long time, whether it be Jim Beaver bringing back Bobby for an arc, or the opportunity to see Felicia Day reprise her role as Charlie for something a little bit more substantial than what she has done so far. Kevin is also coming back, but that is hardly much of a surprise given that he was never in a position where he was about to die.

Photo: The CW

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