‘Suits’ season 3, episode 5 preview: Harvey makes a bet

Suits -There are a number of times on “Suits” that we would feel bad to be Mike Ross, and one them, based on the sneak peek below from Tuesday night’s all-new episode “Shadow of a Doubt,” is rather simple: Having to listen to Harvey make a bet. When that happens, his sense of machismo kicks in, and suddenly, you find yourself not getting to have the same opportunity that was once handed to you for a case.

We basically interpret the entire video sneak peek below as a chest-puffing contest between Harvey and Stephen, who each claim that they have a much more creative way to make sure that Ava gets off on the murder charge. Harvey wants to do everything in his power to ensure that there is not even a murder trial in the first place, and the means for that is trying to get Cameron Dennis thrown off this case.

We will find out the results of this plan, and the two’s high-stakes bet over whether or not Harvey is successful, over the course of the episode, but even putting the finances aside, what we are just as excited to see right now is simply the prospects of seeing the two working together to achieve a common goal. While we know already that Stephen and Donna will have some scenes together this week, it’s always nice when Harvey “collaborates” … and by that, we mean tries hard to enforce his opinion over everyone else.

There are some great scenes coming up, and what is equally exciting is that this episode is actually going to be followed up with one that is even more of an event, and focusing mostly on flashbacks to an earlier time.

Photo: USA, video via SpoilerTV

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