‘The Amazing Race Canada’ review: The great Double U-Turn debate

What happened? -Oh, the dreaded Double U-Turn. This is always one of the more dramatic legs of any “Amazing Race” season, since it actually allows for an opportunity to try and eliminate someone who is a major threat at winning the grand prize.

And tonight, both Hal & Joanne and Holly & Brett ended up seriously hurting their chances at staying around by quitting the Roadblock. This is something that you never do in this game, and we seriously think that they each would have found it within that time. But there is one thing that we have learned rather tirelessly about this show over the years: Preconceived notions can change quite a bit over time.

The most-fascinating part of this entire episode, at least for us, was seeing the football detour that was a pretty great use of Regina and the CFL in order to celebrate the region. Despite being U-Turned by Team Body Break, the doctors somehow managed to keep themselves alive (which is great for drama) by being better at an athletic challenge than Hal & Joanne. Somehow, Holly found it within herself to catch a pass, and Brett kicked a winning extra point. This should all just be proof that there is a little bit of a luck component to this game, and if you push yourself at the right time, big things can happen.

If you’re bummed at Hal & Joanne’s eventual elimination, blame Tim & Tim … even if they made the right move. They’ve seen how well their rivals did in earlier legs, left personal feelings aside, and decided to take out a threat. In addition to being physical players, Hal & Joanne are Canadian celebrities, and that is another advantage that they had.

From a comedy standpoint, the Roadblock ended up being the best just for seeing teams crumble dealing with the RCMP’s strict standards. Despite their own background, Jet & Dave’s sarcasm was a major win … just as their win at the end of the leg was. These two guys are clearly the biggest threat to win this entire season, as they get along really well and are physically strong. That is a deadly combination, and unless there is something extremely strategic coming up, we don’t see this streak stopping.

We still have to say that this season is amazing. The challenges are pretty inventive, and also a great celebration of Canada. Just that alone makes up for the fact that we’re not seeing multiple countries in here.

Photo; CTV

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