‘Glee’ season 5: Blake Jenner talks Cory Monteith, Lea Michele’s TCA speech

Blake speaks -During the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night, there were a number of moments that clearly had everyone talking. However, none managed to do so more than watching Lea Michele give a teary-eyed speech to honor her late boyfriend Cory Monteith. Not only did this moment lead to there being plenty of teary eyes in the audience, the reaction was pretty similar for a good many people watching at home.

With so many members of the cast present for the awards show, it did create some opportunities to hear specific quotes from some of the cast. With that in mind, just take a look at the emotional message that Blake Jenner gave to E! News about his co-star Cory, and about what Lea said during her speech:

“We on Glee were so blessed to have known him and so blessed to have spent time with him. I mean, the dude took me snowboarding and he gave me so much advice both on work and personal stuff and he was just amazing. And so I’m glad that like [Lea] said [in her speech], for the people that only knew him as Finn Hudson, I’m glad that they got to officially meet Cory Monteith, who was just an amazing person.”

The show is going on for “Glee,” which is now in its second week of filming season 5. However, there is still the tribute episode to Monteith coming up in a few weeks, which is something that Michele has been at work at when it comes to advising the powers that be as to the best way possible to honor the man on the show.

As for Jenner, his story will probably consist first of all of whether or not he could potentially come back to New Directions after making the move to quit the club at the end of last season, and there is still the aftermath from the news that Unique was catfishing him for a period of several weeks.

Photo: Fox

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