‘Under the Dome’ season 1, episode 8 review: Big Jim and Ollie go to war

Under the Dome -The past few weeks of “Under the Dome” have been dealing with one crisis after another: A water shortage, medical supplies dwindling and so forth. It has all been building to something bigger and that finally happened tonight.

With Ollie having the monopoly on the well water, he not only controls the town’s drinking water, but the other farmers water for their crops. With food supplies beginning to run out, Jim goes to Ollie in hopes of striking a deal – more propane in exchange for giving food to the townsfolk. Ollie has decided that he no longer wants the propane and instead wants the power of controlling everything that the town needs.

When Jim goes to Linda to get the police force behind him to commandeer the land for the town, they are met with a farmer’s mob that are protecting Ollie (and his water). After getting run off (and Junior turning on his dad to side with Ollie), Jim gathers an even bigger group to go back, but Barbie suggests blowing the well so that all of the wells in town will be filled and no one will have control. Jim doesn’t listen (obviously wanting the power for himself) and goes in with his mob. As people get killed in an all out gun fight, Barbie blows the well anyway ending the fight.

When Junior comes face to face with his father, he learns the truth about his mother and that she actually committed suicide. It’s the first real connection between Jim and Junior and it proves to be a powerful one, because when Ollie threatens to kill Jim, Junior takes Ollie down.

Joe takes Julia to the mini dome and when she touches it she sees a vision of Joe telling her “the monarch will be crowned”. While at first we thought that it was referring to the battle between Jim and Ollie for the water, we later saw a monarch butterfly tattooed on Angie’s back and began to wonder whether or not Angie and Joe are going to be the equivalent of the royal family in Chester’s Mill.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Under the Dome”? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think is going to happen next and if you are looking for more news and spoilers for the show, you can find them here.

Photo: CBS

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