‘Dexter’ season 8 spoilers: What happens next with Hannah?

Let's talk Hannah -Based on who you are, it’s likely that you have a pretty polarizing feeling when it comes to Yvonne Strahovski’s “Dexter” character of Hannah McKay. Some longtime fans of the show love her; meanwhile, some others really would not mind if she just went away.

As we said during last night’s new episode of the show, we still do not understand why exactly Hannah is here yet except to create more drama, as we actually felt there was a pretty good ending to the story. She was gone, and Dexter and Deb could go about their lives. The issue here is that there is still an affection here between the two killers here, and that poses a threat to everyone. Especially we’re talking about Jennifer Carpenter’s Deb.

Throughout this past episode, she reiterated time and time again that what she really wants above all else is to see Hannah “gone.” Unfortunately, Dexter is not really acting particularly keen to really go along with that.

So could there be a violent confrontation that happens? All we can confirm for now is that Hannah and Deb are going to be squaring off at some point during next week’s new episode, and for whatever reason, Zach Hamilton is going to be present for at least part of it. We’re honestly surprised that Dexter, the master of being careful, decided to even let Zach near him right now after Cassie’s death. We imagine that he’s smart enough to figure out just who is the primary suspect in her death.

Also next week? Much more Dr. Evelyn Vogel thankfully, and also more of Jamie and Quinn trying to move forward with their future. We were torn about last night’s episode, and with that, we’re hoping that something more substantial and perfect for a “final season” is coming up soon.

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