‘The Newsroom’ season 2, episode 6 preview: In other news…

Moving on -Last night, we made no attempt at all to hide our love for “The Newsroom’s” episode “News Night with Will McAvoy.” The real-time episode, which gave us a comprehensive look at everything that was happening inside of the ACN studio over the course of an hour-long show, was by far the strongest episode of the season, and our favorite hour of the entire series to this point. Every character had some layers, and it felt like we made progress with all of them in a very short amount of time.

But now, we have to get back down to the nitty-gritty of this season, and we know that for the time being it’s going to be focused on Operation Genoa. This black ops mission has been a pet project of Jerry Dantana’s ever since he first heard about the story at the start of the year. He’s convinced people to follow up on his leads, and the deeper that he and Mackenzie get on the story, the more it could start to appear that there is something there.

For this reason, the promo below for this upcoming episode is both exciting and also harrowing at the same time. The clear advantage here we have as viewers with the Genoa story is that we know how it ends, but the sad part of that is that we can’t stand in front of Jim Harper, shake him really hard, and tell him to convince Mackenzie to stop pursuing something that could lead to the downfall of Will’s entire show.

As for some other aspects of the story, be prepared to see more of what happens regarding Maggie’s sudden struggle with alcoholism, and also how Sloan is going to bounce back from having a good percentage of the population know way more about her than what she is comfortable with.

All we can say for now is this: So long as “The Newsroom” continues down its present path, we’re going to be more than happy by the time the end credits roll.

Photo: HBO

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