‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Aaryn angers Andy; Elissa still a target?

The latest -In closing today’s action in the “Big Brother 15” house, there may not be that much to report when it comes to specific plans for the day. Andy is not going to use the Power of Veto, and therefore, Jessie is almost surely going to be leaving the game on Thursday night in a pretty near-unanimous vote. While there has been some talk about keeping her, the truth is that Spencer does have some actual “friends” in the game, at least to the extent that people recognize his value as the Chef Joe of the season: A useless guy in terms of strategy who you can put on the block time and time again.

Andy and Spencer had a discussion this afternoon, and it was mostly in terms of future strategy. We had yet another consensus among them that Helen / Elissa should be broken up faster than Amanda McCrae, which we think is a decent move, given that people actually like Helen and she can win the game. Meanwhile, Amanda has little shot of winning anything and that includes the game.

Also, Andy was busy tonight trying to handle his Aaryn frustrations. While he argues that the most-offensive houseguest of the season has improved, there are still some problems that flare up … including when she referred to two guys being together as “disgusting” a little earlier in the evening. Andy will not forget this, but the strange thing is that Aaryn’s nasty behavior is being rewarded on a certain level. She’s being dragged far in the game, with everyone knowing that she will never win just on the basis of not being particularly likable. We want to see her gone soon, even if Candice’s jury speech would probably be pretty epic.

If you do want to read a little bit more news from the “Big Brother 15” house today, including our full review of tonight’s episode, just be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: CBS

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