‘Whodunnit?’ episode 8 review: Who made it into the final three?

The latest -As much as we have enjoyed the wacky hijinks of Giles the Butler and the rest of the kooky world of ABC’s “Whodunnit“, we must now realize that our time in Rue Manor is slowly starting to come to a close. It is not long before the killer is revealed, along with the announcement as to who has actually managed to walk away with the show’s grand prize.

But in some ways, could the final result here be any more predictable? As per usual these days, Kam manages to catch the eye of the killer by figuring out just what happened to Ronnie to cause him to go flying out of the hot tub. (Personally, we imagine this to be something that even Ronnie himself would have been annoyed about, given that Kam was his Lex Luthor in the game.)

Also unsurprising? That Melina was in danger, given that she was left on an island for most of the hour, and has no allies left, but what was slightly different about the end to this episode is that rather than showing her die, as most other episodes have with their end tags, we instead just saw her vanish in a cloud of smoke. Did the killer steal some sort of matter transponder from a foreign planet and change the genetic makeup of her body? Given some of the crazy things that this show has come up with already, we do not rule this out by any means. We also don’t rule out that Melina could still be the killer.

We’re openly excited next week for the potential of seeing “zombie bodies” of the deceased wandering around, which is an ever-so-welcome twist on the traditional “let’s bring former contestants back” that happens at the end of every season. We do think this does take some of the fun out of the “fact” that these people are being “killed,” though; while we’ve been seeing them speak beyond the grave for weeks, within the world of the show they have not.

Moving into this episode, we thought that Kam was the likely winner and that Lindsay was the killer, and this episode only strengthened these suspicions. Now, we just have to hope that someone manages to rescue Giles from his deadly predicament in the process, given that despite his dancing and limbo-parties, this butler is having a very bad month.

Photo: ABC

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