‘True Blood’ season 6, episode 9 review: All about Alexander Skarsgard, Todd Lowe

True Blood -After so many weeks of “True Blood” over the past season or two that seem to be obsessed with the notion of handing us a million different stories and hoping that we’re able to wade our way through all of them, Sunday night chose to actually divide things up in a much more old-fashioned manner. There were only a few stories that were assembled over the course of the hour, and they were perhaps the most emotional and effective the show has done yet.

For one, it was a nice reward and tribute to Terry Bellefleur to see him go out in a way that was more than touching. Not only did we see so many Bon Temps faces band together yet again, but there were sweet moments throughout and flashbacks to Terry’s time following the war. Just in seeing all of this again, it felt like we really wanted there to be so much more of the character on the show.

With the title of this episode being “Life Matters,” it felt nice that no major character was actually killed off this week … not even Sarah Newlin. Despite Alexander Skarsgard’s Eric going into what was a terrible situation in the vampire prison, he was able to dispose of just about everyone without too much of a problem at all thanks to the blood of Warlow in his veins. But is Eric really happy with this? We’re still not so sure, given him taking off at the end of freeing everyone who matters … including his own progeny Pam.

As for Bill Compton, we believe that he’ll survive at least through part of next week’s finale, if not longer. He is featured in the press release, and we were actually much more uncertain about Eric given how unclear his fate was leading into even tonight’s episode. This was fantastic, and a nice reminder of what “True Blood” used to be and could be again.

Overall, what was your take on this “True Blood” episode? As per always, be sure to share some more of your thoughts with a comment below! Also, we’re going to have a full preview of this episode published at the link here.

Photo: HBO

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