‘Homeland’ season 3 spoilers: Claire Danes, Damian Lewis on promotion and footage

Damian LewisFor those of you chomping at the bit for more “Homeland” season 3 coverage prior to the show’s premiere on Showtime September 29, both we and the network are hoping to do everything that we can to deliver that and then some.

When it comes to timing, what is probably the most interesting thing about the video below is trying to make sense of the timing of it. Damian Lewis, Claire Danes, and Rupert Friend sit down to discuss the promotional photo shoot that they are doing for the Showtime series, but one thing is particularly amiss almost right away: Brody actually has hair! When you look at Damian Lewis on this show, this is not the case … which leads us to suspect that the photo shoot happened weeks before filming actually began and the Emmy-winner chose to go bald (a move that his character probably uses in order to remain anonymous).

There is a little bit of new season 3 footage thrown in here as well, including Carrie appearing before a committee of Congress trying to make sense out of what happened with the Langley attack. She is going to be front and center for an investigation, and we imagine that there are going to be a number of questions asked about how her, someone known for her pursuit of Brody in the CIA circles, suddenly now has no idea where he is. She has to play dumb about lending him a helping hand in escaping, and that is no easy task with so many smart people breathing down your neck.

In between this and the trailer that we’ve seen already for the season, there are probably a million reasons to be excited. “Homeland” remains some of the best stuff that TV has to offer, and this ensures that our Sundays for a while longer continue to remain great and dramatic.

Photo: Showtime, video via SpoilerTV

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