‘Dexter’ season 8, episode 7 preview: Aimee Garcia on darker story for Jamie

What's next? -While Jamie Batista has somehow been able to live in a world of blue skies on “Dexter” so far, there is no reason to sit here and believe that it is going to stay this way for her. She is surrounded by a dangerous world that includes not only a serial killer, but also a very dangerous woman in his sister Deb, who is willing to do anything that she can to protect him.

Things are not going to remain so sunny in Jamie’s world for much longer. Speaking to “Entertainment Tonight,” actress Aimee Garcia makes it pretty clear just what she is going to be facing pretty soon over the several episodes ahead:

“What Dexter is learning that being human is painful. He always felt like a fish out of water, walking around like a zombie who only felt alive in his kill room, but he’s now liking his humanity, which is complicated. With great joy comes great pain and he’s starting to unravel so things are get messy. As a result of that, Jamie gets dragged down the rabbit hole a little bit. She may or may not land on her feet, but either way, it won’t be rainbows and sunshine for her as this journey ends. She’ll have to come to terms with things that change her forever. Dexter, in some way, plays a very big role in that.”

Is Jamie’s own life in danger? While we cannot say that, we are worried slightly for her new friend Cassie after she catches Zach Hamilton knocking on his door tonight. Unfortunately for Dexter’s new protegee, he may be busy dealing with a completely different problem … one known as Hannah.

Come back tonight, as we’ll have a full review of all that transpires.

Photo: Showtime

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